Year 7 – Get to know you day

Year 7 and school in general, is a journey, as are the relationships we make during this time. Experiences like this must be provided to students to allow them to learn together and bond as a cohort with each other and their teachers. Over the beginning of this term, our Year 7 students have taken time out from classes to visit the Staughton Vale Campus.

All students were able to participate in activities that promote the importance of culture, belonging and service, as these are some of the key principles of Bacchus Marsh Grammar. Their sense of identity and belonging were channelled into painting a personalised piece of artwork that will then be combined with every Year 7s artwork to create a legacy piece. This will be displayed in the new Library complex. During the day, students went on a hike to the observation deck, where they wrote letters to their future selves about their current life and future aspirations.

There was a Yabbying Competition with 31 yabbies caught in total. This was a great example of teamwork, where students also experienced a variety of team-building activities where they got to know other members of their tutor group better. A huge thank you must go to the Camp/Co-Curricular staff for organising and running the activities.

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