As humans we grow and learn from new experiences. The co-curriculum program is a vital part of the life of a Bacchus Marsh Grammar student and supports students Character Education that is being developed at Bacchus Marsh Grammar. Good character is: 

  • Critical to individual excellence;  
  • Critical to societal flourishing; and 
  • Something that can be taught. 

In accordance with our school values, we want our young people to be leaders, ambitious, confident, disciplined, respectful and kind citizens who will make positive and impactful contributions to our community.  

The Bacchus Marsh Grammar co-curriculum program provides a fantastic range of additional learning opportunities for our young people to put into practice our school values, whilst at the same time giving students the opportunity to try out new activities, expand on knowledge, join a club, learn a new instrument, perform in a musical, play a new sport, or attend a camp or expedition to some amazing destination. This expands our students’ horizons, gives them new social and cultural experiences, and helps them better understand their world. It is through our co-curricular experiences that students can develop a deeper relationship with their peers and teachers and put into practice their character virtues and school values in a setting that is varied and different to what they are used to in the classroom.  

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