Our Philosophy

The school has a culture of achievement which encourages staff and students to strive towards their personal best.

A School that Values the Individual

At Bacchus Marsh Grammar, we believe that the key to a successful education is concentration on the individual. We all have different strengths which need to be developed, and weaknesses that can be addressed and improved upon. We strive to develop a clear understanding of each child’s needs and the particular ways in which we can foster their growth and development. The school provides a wide range of activities to extend children beyond the normal curriculum and provide additional assistance to individuals working towards mastering new skills, knowledge and values.

A Calm Structured School

At Bacchus Marsh Grammar, we know what type of environment delivers the best possible education. Learning best occurs when there is a clear structure and clarity of expectations of students. This is applied at a “whole school” level and in our well-defined and consistent approach to individual teaching and classroom management. We know that learning is optimised by a calm, friendly and purposeful environment. This enables students to concentrate on their learning, work towards achieving their personal best and develop their individual talents. Our teachers reinforce this environment with their genuine care and concern for each student’s academic and personal development, and their clear and structured teaching methods. Such an environment fosters the development of positive social skills. Behaviour which interferes with the learning or happiness of others is not tolerated.

Communication is Vital

For us, educating a student requires a bond between school, parents and students. To enable us to provide the best possible education, all three parties must be clear and committed to common goals and have a clear understanding of how students are progressing both academically and socially. The key to developing and enhancing the bond between parties is clear and consistent communication. We believe that parents need to be aware of how their children are going in a way that is understandable and helpful for development. We also believe that any issues are best resolved by early discussion between all parties. In turn, we ask that parents keep the school fully informed of issues that may be affecting the well-being of students and support the goals and ethos of the school.

Enjoyment and Enthusiasm

We strongly believe that school should be a place which students can enjoy. We look to provide students with opportunities to develop new skills and experience new ideas and activities which will excite and challenge them. We also want our students to develop an enthusiasm for learning and a curiosity about the world. We achieve this by having a teaching staff which is able to draw upon a wide range of skills and experiences and who are enthusiastic about the chance to help young people develop their potential.

Pastoral Care

One of the strengths of Bacchus Marsh Grammar is the depth and quality of our pastoral care initiatives.
At Bacchus Marsh Grammar, pastoral care is concerned with the cultivation and promotion of the academic, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing and development of all students. It is embedded within the teaching, learning and structural organisation of our school.
All members of our school community work toward and contribute to the pastoral care of our students. Our school values underpin how we approach pastoral care, as we strive to maintain an environment where students feel connected, valued and a strong sense of self.

An Explicit Teaching Model

The school believes that learning best occurs when students have a clear understanding of what they are required to do and when material or skills they need are taught, this is achieved through clear and transparent methods.
We believe strongly in the role of an expert teacher who has deep subject knowledge.

Our Values

The school is guided by eight core values Respect, Discipline, Confidence, Ambition, Leadership, Kindness, Knowledge and Wisdom.

  • The school seeks to teach students to respect others and the world they inhabit;
  • We aim to guide our students to develop discipline to pursue long term and meaningful goals, and eschew short term and superficial pursuits;
  • Students should have the confidence to express ideas and values, and project their worth to others;
  • Students are guided to develop ambition and passion to achieve their best;
  • Students are taught to understand that leadership occurs in a variety of forms, and encouraged to find ways they can influence and organise for the good of others and themselves;
  • Students are taught to value knowledge for both its own sake put for the power that it has to influence our lives;
  • Students are guided to develop the wisdom that comes from knowledge and contemplation and to respect all who pursue true wisdom;
  • Above all else, Bacchus Marsh Grammar students are inspired to embrace life with a sense of kindness and compassion at the fore.
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