2023 Booklists

The Booklist supplier for 2023 is Campion Education.  All Booklists are to be submitted online to Campion Education.

There will not be a dedicated ‘booklist collection day’ at the Maddingley or Woodlea Campus in 2023.  Booklist Orders placed online by Sunday 11 December will receive free home deliveryOrders placed after this date will attract a postage charge.


You can order all your booklist requirements online in 6 simple steps:

Go to https://order.campion.com.au/index.html#resourceListListView?code=D05ABC3C

1. Create a Campion Education account in less than 1 minute, or sign in using your existing username and password.

2. Enter your School Resource List (Booklist) code.

3. Select the appropriate year level resource list.

4. Select the resources you need and complete your details.

5. Select your delivery option – Free delivery for orders placed by Sunday 11 December.  Please note a $5.95 Handling Fee will be charged.

6. Submit your payment.

For more information and instructional videos go to: https://www.campion.com.au/parents/how-to-order

NOTE: Please ensure you select the correct campus and year level for 2023.