Our School

Bacchus Marsh Grammar is a large, vibrant school that serves the families of Western Melbourne and surrounding rural areas. It operates from two campuses; Maddingley in Bacchus Marsh and Woodlea in Aintree. These are supported by a third 200 acre property at Staughton Vale which is used by students from both main campuses.

The school is committed to providing every student with an holistic and enriching education. This is based around a strong and challenging academic program, a concentration on personal development and culture, and supported by focused pastoral care and wellbeing programs.

We not only seek to enable students to meet their personal goals and ambitions, we encourage them to aspire to be active and positive members of society – in short, we offer an …“Education for Life”.

  • a commitment to excellence in all endeavours and a celebration of the achievements of all
  • a love of learning and the nurturing of enthusiasm and passions to develop continuously throughout life
  • a sense of self-discipline and personal responsibility which respects the need for regulation and rules in any community
  • a commitment to the rewards and pleasures of hard work
  • a social conscience and responsibility for the welfare of all members of the community
  • a sense of fair play
  • a belief that a fulfilling life is based on the celebration of positives rather than dwelling on the negatives
  • a capacity to be receptive to change
  • a willingness to accept differences and have the courage to express personal views that are different from the norm
  • an ability to make informed decisions about issues which have a spiritual and/ or moral dimension
  • a commitment to providing leadership within the community
  • an appreciation of the value of developing and maintaining traditions in any community.

In short, Bacchus Marsh Grammar provides an “Education for Life”.

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