Woodlea Campus in Aintree / Rockbank opened on 4 February 2019.

The new campus offers Early Learning, Junior (Prep to Year 4) and Middle School (Year 5 & 7) education.

Beginning in 2020 the school will offer a Year 7 program with Year 8 to follow in 2021.

After completing their studies at Woodlea, students will attend Senior School at our Maddingley Campus. The operation and management of both campuses will be identical to ensure an easy transition.

Woodlea provides students with access to a school closer to home and with all the exceptional benefits of a Bacchus Marsh Grammar education. It ensures that our primary schools are a size that offers choice but also the intimacy of a medium-sized school.

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is currently located in the temporary town centre of the Woodlea Estate in Aintree.

The facilities at Woodlea are designed to facilitate learning and mirror the range of those available at the Maddingley.

The curriculum is similar to Maddingley’s. A distinguishing feature will be a stronger emphasis on Mathematics and Science which is also to be introduced at Maddingley.