A new era for Bacchus Marsh Grammar

Bacchus Marsh Grammar has established a unique rural facility at Staughton Vale, just 20 minutes to the south-west of our Maddingley Campus.

Located on 200 acres, the stunning campus backs onto the Brisbane Ranges National Park. The site enjoys extensive views of the City of Melbourne, the You Yangs Regional Park and Port Phillip Bay. As well as providing an area in which significant native wildlife congregate the site has extensive orchards and a significant area of good well-watered soil suitable for a range of activities.

The campus commenced in 2017 and as it develops it will play a central role in the life and experiences of Bacchus Marsh Grammar. It has already given our students unmatched opportunities to experience all the advantages of a rural campus in close proximity to where they live.

Many of our students are from urbanised areas so Staughton Vale helps provide an even more rounded education. It will enable them to be close to nature, get their hands dirty and experience the pleasure of physical work and activity.

While Staughton Vale’s curriculum has a Middle School emphasis, the campus will help fulfil the following key objectives across all year levels:

  • Observation skills are developed over time and are the key to deep understanding and authentic learning. The Staughton Vale programs will enrich basic observational skills and the associated structuring of knowledge.
  • The practical activities and applications at Staughton Vale will extend learning beyond the classroom environment.
  • Staughton Vale will provide a unique and engaging setting for the development of lifelong skills such as collaboration, initiative, calculating risk and developing resilience.

The campus gives students the opportunity to reflect on the power and magic of a storm brewing in Port Phillip Bay and the impressive expanse of the City of Melbourne. Whilst offering a challenging program, it also enables students to reflect and explore their learning at a different level.

We are confident that all students will embrace the challenges offered by Staughton Vale and grow to love the facility and what it offers.