Thank you for your interest in Bacchus Marsh Grammar’s Scholarship Program. Through the generosity of benefactors and our wider school community, Bacchus Marsh Grammar is proud to be able to offer several scholarship opportunities.

On offer in 2023 will be Scholarships available for Academic Excellence at Years 7 and 9. Further to these opportunities are the Callow Access Scholarships for students from Years 7 to 12. These enable students who would otherwise not attend Bacchus Marsh Grammar to attend on a Full Scholarship. Parents of students must be in receipt of a current Health Care Card to qualify for a Callow Access Scholarship and need to provide a copy of the relevant card.

The school is also proud to offer an Indigenous Scholarship, open to current and new students from Years 7 to 12. Indigenous Scholarship applicants must provide a copy of the applicant’s Confirmation of Aboriginality document.

The Callow Access and Indigenous Scholarships do not require students to sit an entrance examination. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by the Principal, Mr Neal. Please access application forms via the links below – extension to submit applications to 10 June 2022:


Academic Scholarship Program for 2023 has now closed

At Bacchus Marsh Grammar we wish to promote the notion of a holistic education.  Our school seeks students with the skills that are vital for success in the modern world.

At Bacchus Marsh Grammar we wish to provide Scholarships for those who want to contribute to the life of the school.

Year 7 2023
  • 1 van den Hende Family Scholarship – 100% for 6 years.  This Scholarship is only available to current Grade 6 2022 students at BMG.
  • 3 Full (100%) Academic Scholarships (John Leaver Scholars) – 100% for 6 years open to current BMG students and external Year 6 2022 students.
Year 9 2023
  • 2 van den Hende Family Scholarships (100%) to be awarded.  One of which will be Awarded to a current Year 8 2022 Bacchus Marsh Grammar student and one to an external Year 8 2022 student.

Academic Scholarship Testing for Year 7 2023 and Year 9 2023 will be held on Saturday 26 February at Bacchus Marsh Grammar – Maddingley Campus, South Maddingley Road, Bacchus Marsh.

Further details about Scholarship testing will be sent to registered candidates prior to the testing day.

Closing Date:  Monday, 14 February 2022

Cost:  $95

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to arrange an interview with the Principal and asked to complete a Portfolio with set questions prior to the interview.

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by mail.

Scholarship holders are expected to remain at Bacchus Marsh Grammar for the duration of their education up to, and including Year 12.