Reporting for Year 7 to 12

There have been some exciting changes to reporting at BMG in 2018.

What are these changes?

Following the successful introduction of continuous reporting on academic progress of Year 7 students in the second semester of 2017, students will no longer receive termly reports as they have previously. This year Bacchus Marsh Grammar is extending a new model of continuous reporting on academic progress to all students in Year 7 to 12. As part of the new reporting model, teachers will report on how students have performed on each assessment task progressively throughout the year. This year teachers will also indicate whether the attitude and effort of students met class expectations as they prepared for each assessment task.

The unique goals of the new style of school reports is to focus students in Year 7 through to Year 12 upon not just what has been learnt, but on forming goals for future learning and providing practical strategies to work towards achieving these goals. The new approach to reporting is also striving to provide parents with more timely feedback to empower parents to track their children’s development. This is intended to strengthen a relationship between parents and teachers, in order to support students together.

When will reports on assessment tasks be published?

As of Wednesday 7 March you will be able to log onto the Parent Portal and access information in regards to your child’s performance on recent assessment tasks.

Approximately three weeks after a student has submitted an assessment task, the student’s mark and grade will be published on the Parent Portal, along with progress notes that identify the child’s strengths, what the child can improve on and should work toward achieving in future, and practical strategies on how to further develop in the subject. An indication of whether the attitude and effort met expectations will also be posted.

How can reports on assessment tasks be accessed?

Parents can access this feedback on a regular basis, by logging online to the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal is a secure platform so parents can only access reports on their own child. Parents are encouraged to log onto the Parent Portal with their child on a regular basis, to view their child’s results and to discuss the feedback.

What will the end of semester report look like?

A school report will continue to be mailed home to parents at the end of each semester. The end of semester report will document the grades received in each subject, and include a report by the Tutor Teachers on the student’s social and emotional development and involvement in school life.


1.      Will I receive an interim report at the end of term one?

No, as teachers are reporting continuously on student progress including the Attitude and Effort they have displayed leading up to and during an assessable period, Interim reports will no longer be sent home.

2.      I have logged onto the portal and there are no results for my child; is there something wrong?

No, in some cases students are yet to sit assessments, however, the most common reason for results not showing is that due to the period of time after an assessment that teachers have to grade and comment on assessments, they are just not up yet. By the end of term however all students should have some results showing for most classes. If you have concerns about not having results, please contact the Reporting team at

3.      My child’s Attitude or Effort report states ‘Not Satisfactory – Please contact’ – who do I contact?

If you have been asked to contact the school via feedback you have received on the portal, please contact the subject teacher directly. This option was given to attempt to open communication lines between parents and teachers. In this way we can work together to come up with strategies to achieve the best outcomes for students.

4.      I want to give feedback to the school about the reporting system. Who can I contact?

Feedback is most welcome and we encourage parents to contact with any feedback.

5.      How do I access the Parent Portal?

If you require help to access the portal please contact and detailed instructions can be sent.

6.      Where on the portal are student results?

Student results are under the Student Details & Results tab along the top of the page. You are able to switch between students by clicking on their names on the left hand side of the screen.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Mr Ben Davie, Assistant Principal – Director of Studies.

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