Junior School’s exploration of Staughton Vale

Recently, the Year 1s and Year 4s had their first opportunity in 2023 to explore and participate in outdoor learning activities at Staughton Vale.

The weather was perfect and students were excited to go and explore the magnificent Staughton Vale property.

The Year 1 and Year 4 students were able to connect and extend their knowledge outside of the general classroom, and develop their practical skills in all learning areas such as Art, Science, Physical Education and History and Geography.

The Year 1s immersed themselves in the different practical hands-on activities. They enjoyed looking at the seasonal produce on the property and made healthy lemon balls from the fresh lemons they harvested from the lemon trees in the orchards. Students eagerly participated in a Scavenger Hunt around the property using their senses to find and collect items.

The highlight for the Year 4 experience was the Sunflower Analysis study. The Year 4 students demonstrated their artistic talents by creating masterpieces of sunflowers grown on the property. They did this by adding different shades of colours and implied texture to replicate Sunflowers by the artist Van Gogh.

It was a fantastic week to observe our Year 1 and 4 students engaging and embracing the learning opportunities at the Staughton Vale Farm. Students made positive connections beyond the classroom and created links with concepts taught at school which supported their deeper understanding of the environment in which they live.

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