The school seeks to develop a culture of achievement, which encourages staff and students to strive toward their personal best.

A School that Values the Individual

At Bacchus Marsh Grammar we believe that the key for a successful education is concentration on the individual.

We all have different strengths which need to be developed and weaknesses that can be enhanced. We strive to develop a clear understanding of each child’s needs and the particular ways in which we can foster their growth and development.

The school provides a wide range of activities to both extend children beyond the normal curriculum and provide additional assistance to individuals working towards mastering new skills, knowledge and values.


The development of leadership skills within students is one of the most important aspects of any school.

At Bacchus Marsh Grammar, we foster leadership in a variety of ways. We believe that it is important that students are exposed to the concept of leadership from a young age and develop a strong understanding of the responsibilities and trust that comes with leadership roles.

The school makes available a wide range of leadership roles in the Junior, Middle and Senior years. This involves responsibilities at both House and school levels.

The school believes strongly that achievement should be recognised. We operate an extensive system of recognition, which rewards both involvement and excellence in all areas of school life.

A key component of the school is its involvement in the prestigious ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ scheme, which encourages and recognises student leadership.

Communication is Vital

For us, educating a student requires a bond between school, parents and students. To enable us to provide the best possible education all three parties must be clear and committed to common goals and have a clear understanding of how students are going both academically and socially.

The key to developing and enhancing the bond between parties is clear and consistent communication. We believe that parents need to be aware of how their children are going in a way that is understandable and helpful for development. We also believe that any issues are best resolved by early discussion between all parties. In turn, we ask that parents keep the school fully informed of issues that may be affecting the well being of students and support the goals and ethos of the school.

Enjoyment and Enthusiasm

We strongly believe that school should be a place which students can enjoy. We look to provide students with opportunities to develop new skills and experience new ideas and activities which will excite and challenge them.

We also want our students to develop an enthusiasm for learning and a curiosity about the world. We achieve this by having a staff which is able to draw upon a wide range of skills and experiences and who are enthusiastic about the chance to help young people develop their potential.

Pastoral Care

One of the real strengths of Bacchus Marsh Grammar is the depth and quality of its pastoral care program. The school looks to provide a range of curriculum programs and co-curricular resources which assist children to develop as healthy and happy individuals.

The school is particularly mindful of the need to develop within students methods to build resilience and an ability to cope with the normal ups and downs of life.

The school’s Student Services Department provides a range of counselling and professional services to assist students with any particular difficulties during their time at school. The student services team also maintains extensive links with outside agencies for specialised requirements.

The school also maintains both a strong year level system and House system to provide day to day advice, assistance and a sense of belonging to students.

Core Values

In developing Bacchus Marsh Grammar’s Vision and Mission Statements, the school is guided by six core values: Respect, Discipline, Confidence, Ambition, Leadership and Kindness.

  • The school seeks to teach students to respect others and the world they inhabit;
  • We aim to guide our students to develop discipline to pursue long term and meaningful goals, and eschew short term and superficial pursuits;
  • Students should have the confidence to express ideas and values, and project their worth to others;
  • Students are guided to develop ambition and passion to achieve their best;
  • Students are taught to understand that leadership occurs in a variety of forms, and encouraged to find ways they can influence and organise for the good of others and themselves;
  • …and above all else, Bacchus Marsh Grammar students are inspired to embrace life with a sense of kindness and compassion at the fore.