Year 9 to VCE

Our Senior School provides an educational environment that challenges and inspires each student to achieve their best in all that they do.

Our School’s founders gave us as the motto “Doctrina Vitae”, Education for Life. Honouring that motto, our Senior School program enables students to develop in as many ways as possible and to also value the vital role that continuing education provides throughout life.

We are all individuals with a unique mix of strengths, weaknesses, talents and needs. It is our responsibility to nurture this individuality in our students and help develop well-rounded young people ready to embrace the wider world.

Our Senior School responds to the changing needs of young adults by taking into account the increased level of maturity of our senior students, their independence and capacity to make important life decisions. We also encourage a clear understanding of the responsibilities of adulthood and the need to lead a life that is based on respect, fairness, caring, compassion and service to others.

It is vital to offer senior students a wide choice of subjects to enable them to pursue their interests and passions. The early years of Senior School are structured to maximise student choice and this is followed by VCE and VCAL programs that offer students a diverse range of pathways and a myriad of subjects from which to choose.

Classroom teaching and learning focuses on the development of the skills and knowledge that are necessary for successful outcomes in VCE or VCAL and also life after school. These include critical and deep thinking, problem solving and creativity as well as a more complex understanding of literacy and numeracy.

For further curriculum information, please refer to the Year 9 to 10 and VCE handbooks.