Year 5 – Year 8

The Bacchus Marsh Grammar Middle School covers the years that have the potential to be the more exciting or problematic ones for students during their school journey.

Year 5 to Year 8 is often considered to be the period when students are “marching in place” or they start to be alienated from the learning process.

Our unique Middle School program is designed to challenge and inspire young people and keep them engaged. It also incorporates our beautiful Staughton Vale campus, a 200-acre rural site backing on to a national park.

The program is underpinned by the following four key features:

  1. the continued development of core competencies in numeracy and literacy
  2. the exposure to a range of subject areas which are new and novel for students, taught by specialists with a passion for their subject
  3. a strong emphasis on a pastoral care program that starts the process of building resilience and the self-monitoring and reflective capabilities that are vital for adult life
  4. the integration of programs at Staughton Vale to develop meaningful independent study, research and interpersonal skills as well as a series of challenges designed to promote independence and resilience.

For the middle years to carry their weight within a child’s education, they need to offer activities that challenge and extend students. They need to expose students to new possibilities and a greater sense of what they are capable of achieving.

Middle School staff work closely with both Junior and Senior staff to ensure smooth sub-school transitions for students, both pastorally and academically.

Our Middle School is currently operating at the School’s Maddingley Campus and from 2019 will be located at Woodlea.

For further curriculum information, please refer to the Middle School Program Handbook below: