Prep to Year 4

At Bacchus Marsh Grammar Junior School we operate an unapologetic “traditional” introduction to school for children.

We believe strongly that when children are introduced to an orderly environment where the days have a natural rhythm and pattern, they can best develop the key skills that are the cornerstones of further learning and social development.

In the classroom, those foundations are laid by a concentration of literacy and numeracy skills. These are complemented by a rich array of specialist subjects which are the beginnings of lifelong passions and areas of expertise.

We believe that our nurturing and structural environment, coupled with a strong social skills focus, broadens and enriches young students as they commence their schooling.

It is important that our Junior School students quickly develop skills as independent and confident readers. Our young learners discover the ways that numbers and science are essential components of understanding their physical environment while also starting a complex understanding of how society works. All of this is achieved in a structured approach in which learning is explicit and students can connect new learning to what they know or can experience.

At times all students need help, extension or modification of programs to assist them to achieve their best. One of the key strengths of the School is its sophisticated model of student interventions that enable the right resources to be delivered to students when they are required.

Junior School is also about helping develop a love of school. The programs and the way they are delivered are designed to help instil in students the key attitude of engagement with their schooling.

For further curriculum information, please refer to the Junior School Program handbook below: