Our Years 9 and 10 curriculum is conducted over two years, much like VCE for years 11 and 12. Subjects are offered as a two-year individualised course to further assist students with their VCE selections and preparation.

The aim is to give students some freedom in tailoring a course to pursue their interests and also consider pathways for the future. Years 9 and 10 is an opportune time for students to experiment with new and interesting subjects and to challenge themselves academically. Students should select a course that offers a wide range of subjects and experiences.

There are guidelines and requirements for what must be selected in years 9 and 10. Particular subjects are specific to these year levels and some need to be taken in a set sequence over the two years. More information on these subjects is provided on page 6 of the Years 9 and 10 Handbook while page 7 lists the subjects that may be used to meet the Humanities, Sciences, Art and Technology requirements.

Students must also consider the through lines/recommendations or pre-requisite subjects that are required or will best prepare them for VCE. These can be found on page 8 of the handbook. Please note that pre-VCE courses should be taken in Year 10, in preparation for VCE subjects in Year 11. They should only be taken in Year 9 if acceleration is proposed in that subject. The acceleration policy is further discussed on page 5 of the handbook.

Students can change their subject selection, subject to a counselling process beforehand. Students also have the opportunity to a change or reconfirm their Year 10 selections at the end of Year 9.

It is imperative to select subjects that meet the requirements (compulsory subjects for Year 9 and 10 and pre-requisites), whilst also considering future pathways, personal interests, new experiences and extending abilities that will allow students to move confidently into their VCE years of 11 and 12.

Leadership Program

As part of their growth and development at Bacchus Marsh Grammar, students in take part in the Year 9 and 10 Leadership Program. Students are involved in a range of activities during Pastoral Care and the final week of Terms 1, 2 and 3.

In Year 9, students are required to complete their bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which involves completing a minimum of three months each of physical activity, community service, learning a skill and participating in an adventurous journey (school camp). In conjunction with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, students also participate in:

  • developing public speaking skills
  • creating a careers portfolio and undertaking mock job interviews
  • identifying strengths and goal setting
  • community service activities in the local community
  • creating a leadership portfolio containing reflections on all session attended

In addition, Year 9 students have dancing lessons to prepare for the Year 10 Celebration Evening.

In Year 10, students are encouraged to work towards their silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. They continue to develop their leadership skills in Pastoral Care time through activities such as:

  • study skills session
  • stress management workshops
  • work experience preparation
  • VicRoads Keys Please driver education

These activities take place in the final week of terms 1 and 2, in addition to preparation for the Celebration Evening Dance.

Students use the Term 2 break to complete their work experience and use the skills they have developed in their workplace environment.

At the conclusion of the leadership program, Year 10 students are involved in a formal interview to discuss the growth and development of their leadership skills and qualities.

The Year 10 Celebration Evening is held for students and their parents at an off-campus venue at the end Term 3. The evening celebrates the outstanding contributions made by students who complete the leadership program with the awarding of the Bacchus Marsh Grammar Gold Leadership Certificate.