Our Junior School fosters a caring, safe and happy environment where each child is respected and valued and their desire to learn and grow is constantly nurtured.

In today’s world, there is a tendency to overprotect and insulate our children. However, to grow and develop into independent learners and mature adults it is important that young people are able to make mistakes and learn from the associated consequences.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s education, through involvement in a variety of activities and events. However, it is vital that they allow their child to develop as an individual. With parental support and direction, children can learn to cope in a variety of environments and develop resilience, enabling them to be well adjusted to the challenging world in which we live.

Socially, the school provides each child with a range of new and diverse experiences. It is by working together, sharing materials and fair play, that children develop essential social skills.

Throughout the Junior School years, we encourage independence and establish healthy routines and acceptable codes of discipline to carry each child through to their secondary years.