February 3, 2021 all-day Australia/Melbourne Timezone

Parents/Guardians will be emailed full details via the school email notification system (Edsmart).

A copy of the letter will be available via the myBMG Parent Portal, under Documents and relevant sub school / campus.

Contact: Mr Durham


Year 5: Apr 19th, July 16th, Sept 1st, Oct 15th, Dec 1st

Year 6: Feb 3rd, Mar 19th, May 5th, Jun 16th, July 19th, Sept 3rd

Year 7: Feb 5th, Mar 31st, July 14th, Sept 6th, Oct 11th, Dec 3rd

Year 8: May 7th, May 24th, July 21st, Aug 20th, Oct 13th, Nov 22nd