Amongst the challenges of another COVID year in 2021, Year 11 students at the time – now current Year 12 students, had the opportunity to engage in the Swinburne Early Leaders’ program. This program was to be completed, in addition to the students’ usual academic demands, as a part of the Critical and Creative Thinking Program in a mostly remote-learning scenario.

Students were required to complete an Academic Paper (that was graded by Swinburne Academics) setting out their anticipated transition experiences from secondary studies into tertiary studies. Students also completed a Career Development Unit which was designed to help increase their future goals for their Year 12 studies and beyond. Some students even took the option of completing the Creativity and Community Engagement Units.

All in all, these students embraced another challenge for their personal growth and development and we would like to thank Swinburne University for piloting the Early Leaders’ Schools’ Stream at our school.

Ms Steer from Swinburne University attended the Senior School Assembly on Monday to award the BMG Early Leaders with their Achievement Packages. She spoke to all students and added that, “Success through hardship comes in all shapes and sizes and for those of you who were able to complete the program, I would like to express my congratulations to you on behalf of Swinburne.”

Mrs Wu-Tollis – Careers and Course Counselling Practitioner