At the beginning of Term 1, Year 7 students visited the Staughton Vale Campus to explore a range of pastoral activities led by their enthusiastic Tutor teachers.

Throughout the day, all students were taught the importance of culture, belonging and service as these are some of the key tenets of Bacchus Marsh Grammar. Their sense of identity and belonging was channelled into painting an individualised laser-cut piece of woodwork. With thanks to Mrs Heywood, these individual pieces of art have now been brought together into an amazing display in the school grounds. It provides all Year 7s with a place to visit and reflect on their role in shaping the school culture and also reflect on their growth as individuals as they progress through BMG. Year 7, and school in general, is a journey and it is relationships that help to underpin its success. Whether they are student-teacher, peer, or parent-child relationships, it is vital that experiences like this are provided so that students and teachers can learn, laugh and bond together.

A huge thank you must go to Mrs Heywood for her culture-based art activity and tireless work to complete the project to date, all of the Tutor teachers who planned these amazing activities and to Mrs Degnen for organising this experience.

Mr Dean Pepplinkhouse – Head of Middle School