Our Banksia and Rivergum children (4-5 year old Kindergarten) at the Early Learning Centre have been discussing all the wonderful people who assist us in our community, especially in the current circumstances. We have discussed who these people might be, how they assist us and where they work. The children spoke about a number of different professionals within our communities:

  • Doctors and nurses
  • Fire fighters
  • (Paramedics)
  • Police officers
  • Teachers
  • Dentists
  • Vets
  • Garbage collectors
  • Road workers
  • Chefs

After discussions with the children, they decided that our focus would be on our health care professionals and the police.

The children discussed how we could say thank you and how we might brighten up the day of these wonderful, hard working professionals. We decided to draw a picture of a nurse/doctor and send these to the COVID ward at the Royal Melbourne hospital.

The children watched a YouTube clip and talked about how we might draw the people in these individual professions. This enabled the children to demonstrate their ability to follow instructions, engage their fine motor skills and persist with a challenging task.

We also sent out an invitation to the children who are not currently attending our Centre so that their pictures could be collaboratively displayed in the foyer of our Centre.

The children then continued their learning by discussing what we need to do in an emergency.

Do you know the number to call? Do you know your full name to give to the responder? Do you know your address?

We then looked at what questions the responder might ask us on the telephone:

  • Eric, “Our full name”
  • Aadvik, “Is there fire?”
  • Alina, “Where do you live?”
  • Evie, “Is there a very sick person?’
  • Aston, “Is someone hurt?’
  • Alina, “Is there a thief?”
  • Evie, “Are you safe?”

We hope the Health workers at Royal Melbourne Hospital enjoy our drawings and we look forward to learning more about our other community professionals.

Mrs Kerry Osborn – Director of Early Learning Services



Response from Royal Melbourne Hospital