With the Woodlea campus only opening this year, it has been a special journey for staff and students preparing for their first ever Middle School Musical.

Report from the Woodlea School Captains

Vasish Vasireddy (Aladdin)

The Year 5 and 6 students from the BMG Woodlea campus performed Disney’s Aladdin Jr at the Wyndham Cultural Centre. It is impossible to express in words the enormous effort that each and every cast member and musical staff put in to bring this amazing show to life. Students displayed amazing talents and skill, be it operations backstage, to acting and singing. Without the help of everyone involved, it would have been an impossible task organising the show. I was very impressed at the cooperation and respect conveyed from each cast member and crew. It was truly a memorable event.

Emily Slimmon (Iago)

The Year 5 and 6 musical students have worked exceedingly hard over the school year to produce and perform Disney’s Aladdin Jr. Students participated in dancing, singing, acting and even helped with lights and microphones backstage. On the performance nights, the seats were filled with audience members laughing and cheering, and were amazed by the flying magic carpet where Aladdin and Jasmine gracefully sang as it flew through the air. It was truly a magical night and I am very proud to have been part of Woodlea’s first Middle School Musical.