Mr Evan Long – Head of Houses

In 2015, students and staff began a House Identity  Project with the focus to develop and grow strong and meaningful identities for each of the four School Houses, Bacchus, Braeside, Hilton and Pentland.

The project included a competition open to all students to create a mascot that represented each House and a “nickname or tag”. The student body was given a number of nicknames and mascot options for each House which they voted on and the Houses became; Bacchus Broncos, Braeside Bears, Hilton Hornets and Pentland Panthers.

In the second component of the competition students were invited to create iconic mascots or logo images using the four newly created options. Guidelines also depicted the use of each relevant House colour and uniformity across all four Houses. A number of students submitted their work, both hand drawn and digitally created, but one student’s work stood out above the rest. Nicole Mellis, finished her Year 12 studies at BMG in 2016 and followed the brief of culminating the spirit and competition between the four Houses and developed concept designs.

With the concept designs created the School worked with a graphic designer to tweak the logos and create the final designs. As Head of Houses, I was proud to unveil to the school community the new House banners and pleased Nicole was able to attend the Year 5-12 assembly on Monday 27 May.

Each BMG student belongs to a House and  are encouraged to join in to strengthen, support and show pride in their House across the many house activities throughout the school year.

Pictured – Mr Evan Long and Nicole Mellis