From the Principal:

Today we celebrate a group of students who have shown the grit and determination to achieve their very best in VCE and VET studies.

The significance of today is the recognition of effort and the importance of academic achievement.

I take great pleasure in announcing the following achievements:

2018 Award for Academic Excellence – General Excellence VCE
Michelle Aquilina
Liam Biding
Juulke Castelijn
Katrina Deidun
Joseph Earnshaw
Jessica Ewert
Victoria Ly
Olivia Peterson
Lachlan Rzanovski
Stephanie Trento
Aarnav Venkatesh
Benjamin West
2018 Award for Academic Excellence – Subject Awards
Caitlin Barraclough Hospitality
Juulke Castelijn Biology
Olivia Coghlan Visual Communication Design
Katrina Deidun Languages Maltese
Isobelle Dobai English
Jessica Ewert Health and Human Development
Rachel Jackson Outdoor and Environmental Studies
Dorothy Quinal Music Performance (VCE VET)
Chloe Woolley Outdoor and Environmental Studies
2018 Award for Perfect Score
Stuart Campbell Award of Perfect Score:  Systems Engineering
Dux of School 2018
Juulke Castelijn


Today we also celebrate those who have agreed to and been offered leadership positions.

Leadership at Bacchus Marsh Grammar is about service. That is it starts from the basic premise that leadership is about asking a simple question, “What can I do for others?”

This can be expanded out to, “How can I use my talents in the service of others?”

In selecting leaders and looking at the roles for those selected we are wanting people who ultimately want to help others and have capacity to organise to assist others.

Leadership is not something that is necessarily initiated, the skills and process can be taught and the programs at this school are designed to do that.

What is important in those programs is the way in which you as students approach them.

It is my hope that everyone in this room has the desire to be of service. I believe that you all have the capacity. The trick is to ensure that you start by putting others first.

In our world it is the character traits that are driven by service that are becoming more and more significant.

Developing character alongside academic results are the two core activities of any good school and they certainly are the two major pillars on which we develop our education.

I congratulate those who through their efforts have been recognised with formal positions.

2019 Leaders
Elexis Chapman School Captain
Ben Campey School Captain
Rachel Jackson School Vice Captain
Chloe Woolley School Vice Captain
Stevan Deris School Vice Captain
Carla Rubino School Vice Captain
Jamiele Cabato Academic Prefect
Abbey Richmond Academic Prefect
Natalie Kotoski SRC Prefect
Kayla Clemente SRC Prefect
Gemma Dangerfield Braeside House Captain
Caleb Noonan Hilton House Captain
Charlie Scotson Bacchus House Captain
Jamie Patterson Pentland House Captain
Stuart Campbell Prefect
Charlotte Cao Prefect
Tunisha Chawla Prefect
Campbell Child Prefect
Sophie Dunn Prefect
Jack Eeles Prefect
Rebecca Farnell Prefect
Madelyn Gay Prefect
Hope Healy Prefect
Lainey James Prefect
Dara King Prefect
Tristan Knight Prefect
Mirko Latinovic Prefect
Nazeeha Moosajee Prefect
Olivia Russell Prefect
Bryce Stephenson Prefect
Victoria Sutton Prefect
Aya Taniguchi Prefect
Joel Valletta Prefect
Lauren Walmsley Prefect