All students from Prep/Reception to Year 12 will have school photographs taken on the dates listed below. Students will be required to wear full Winter uniform, which includes jumpers, blazers and ties for students in Years 5 to 12, and jumpers and ties for students in Prep Reception to Year 4. It is important that students are well groomed and neatly presented including hairstyles to be in line with the school’s uniform policy as outlined in the student diary. Junior School students who have Physical Education on these days will be required to wear full Winter Uniform and bring runners to change into for PE. All students will be photographed regardless of an order being placed.


Prep Reception to Year 6: Tuesday 5 June & Wednesday 6 June
Years 7 to 12: Tuesday 22 May & Wednesday 23 May – Complete


How to order:

Each child receives via their class teacher a letter explaining the process and highlighting the dates when Prep/Reception to Year 6 and Year 7 to 12 will have their photos taken. Attached to this letter is a photo order form (green) that has an individual shootkey code for each student and details to order online.

For families with multiple children, the youngest in the family will receive an additional photo order form (orange) which lists all children in the family and delegates a family shootkey code to order family photos with the choice of four FAMILY PACK offers.

When ordering online via MSP, commence by adding one shootkey code in, select the package you would like, add to your shopping cart, proceed to ‘change shootkey’ to add the next child’s individual code, selecting package and so on. Repeat for each child, using their individual shootkey code and then for the family pack. The family pack is not compulsory, but offered to each family to order.