The Staughton Vale Middle Years Program is well underway for 2018 with all students in Year 6 and Year 8 experienced two full days at the farm this term. Students have been enjoying the chance to explore and learn about the property. All students have been involved in a farm induction involving aspects of safety, farm skills and healthy food choices and are set to take in all of the wonderful learning opportunities that the farm has to offer.

The Year 6 cohort have used their History and Geography sessions to explore the history of early settlement in Australia & the local area, discovering that it was a very different time back then. The science sessions have provided a chance to explore various leaf litter critters around the property and study the different anatomical features under microscope.

The Year 8 cohort have conducted scientific water samples from three of the different dams and completed an analysis of various measures of water quality. Through a geographical perspective they have looked at protecting significant environments through completing a range of skills involving weed identification, weed management & weed prevention practices.

Both years have been excited to get their hands a little dirty during the different farm based sessions and have had fun setting up a composting system, planted new vegetables and herbs in the vegetable patch, assisted with weed management in the native garden beds and harvesting various fruits and vegetables; including apricots, pears, peaches, tomatoes, silverbeet, beetroot & a number of different herbs.

The final experience of the term will see Year 6 travel to Serendip Sanctuary in Lara, to see some of the local wildlife up close and learn about protecting different ecosystems and endangered species with in the western plains region. Year 8 will visit the neighbouring Brisbane Ranges National Park and put their teamwork and leadership skills to the test, by completing the Anakie Gorge Bushwalk and discover the many geographical features of Anakie Gorge.