Curriculum - VCE Studies

Year 11 Studies - Units 1 and 2

At Year 11 students complete six subjects (twelve units). Each subject includes five periods per week. This means students are in class for all thirty periods per week and that students will not have study periods.

Students may choose from the subjects listed below. Please note that some subjects may not run due to insufficient student numbers, time-tabling issues and/or staff resources. VET students must complete five subjects. Their VET course will be completed in lieu of a sixth subject and VET students will have some study periods depending on the 2010 timetable.

Year 12 Studies - Unit 3 and 4

Students at Year 12 must complete five subjects (ten units). It is generally assumed that at the end of their Year 11 studies, students will drop their weakest subject and retain the five subjects studied at Year 11 that they were academically strongest in. Each subject has five periods per week. This means that students will have five periods per week where they are engaged in study.

There are twenty-nine subjects that students may choose from at BMG at a Units 3 and 4 level. It is recommended that students carefully consider their choice of subjects, making sure that they have the necessary pre-requisite Units 1 and 2 subjects before taking on any subjects at a Units 3 and 4 level. Individual subject teachers are in the best position to advise students on this matter.