Curriculum - Years 9 and 10

The Year 9 Curriculum

The Year 9 Core Curriculum at Bacchus Marsh Grammar focuses on the development of skills and knowledge in the core areas of:

  • English
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • The Humanities
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Pastoral Care.

As well as core skills, it is vital that Year 9 students start to experience the breadth of subjects that are available to study in future years. To this end, students will have the opportunity to select some Elective Subjects for the first time. It is also the first time they will come up against the restrictions of timetabling, in that not all students will be able to study all the electives they wish to.

In Year 9, students select 2 electives per semester, a total of four for the year. However: if students wish to continue studying French or Japanese (which is highly desirable), then they must be studied for the full year, which counts for two of the four time slots available for electives.

The Year 10 Curriculum

The Year 10 curriculum at Bacchus Marsh Grammar specifically offers a very wide selection of subjects, which allows students the opportunity to experience a range of subjects before making their VCE choices.

Bacchus Marsh Grammar also provides an opportunity for appropriate Year 10 students to accelerate their learning program by commencing their VCE program in Year 10 and doing a Unit 1 and 2 study.Year 10 students study twelve semester-length subjects and may choose almost all of the subjects that are available, as long as they meet certain guidelines that ensure a balanced load that prepares them for future options.